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“I enjoyed the trip. We had lots of things to do and went exploring. We saw lots of animals and bugs. It’s like we were free as we could go anywhere. I made friends with Kirsty and Charley.” We couldn’t ask for a better holiday.” – BYCAS member, 10 years old. BYCAS Kite Flying Outing
I enjoyed the trip.
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Young Carers

Who Are Barnet Young Carers and Siblings?

Barnet Young Carers and Siblings (BYCAS) is a service run by Barnet Carers Centre. We provide lots of fun activities to young people aged 5-17 who are a young carer or a sibling and living within the Borough of Barnet.

Why does BYCAS exist?

Although being a carer or sibling can be fun, rewarding and enjoyable it can also be tiring, upsetting and hard work for a young person. BYCAS exists to give these young people a break to have fun and make new friends. There are approximately 1000 young carers in Barnet so your child is in good company!

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