We have received a CHSS compliment! Read the letter

Dear Yvonne,

It was a pleasure to meet you. Please may I take this oppurtunity to thank you for helping us and may I also please thank everyone who has helped our family from the council.

I am writing to praise Donia Arnall and Barnet carers Centre.

I think they are outstanding in the way the look after there clients.

There is a lot of team work between Donia, the office, the finance department and the carers.

Unlike other care agency’s I have noticed before the care plan or a change in the care plan or a change carer is implemented with a client ( mom) Donia first does the work herself to see if the new regime will work.

The management technique utilsed is unique both the carers and client and sometimes the clients family are managed in such a good way that are that it creates harmony.

I have known Barnet Carers Centre for the last few years. I have a lot respect for them.

They are all very highly skilled and professional. They are reliable and punctual.

I can leave mom in there care with total confidence. Which says it all as mom is severly disabled.

They are all amazing with all aspects of care work including manual handling , hoisting, using slide sheets together with a know how of the machinary utilsed for the client works.

They are very good at pressure sore management and when my mom goes on strike they make her laugh and than she forgets she is on strike.

All of them have gone out of there way to help us. I just want to thank Donia, Gerry, Gloria, Karen, Jan, Michelle ,Caroline, Teresa, Debbie,Monica, Sara, Ola, Mayuri Joyce,Viba and all the other carers and the personel who work in the office.

I think other care companies could learn a lot from Barnet Carers Centre.

Best wishes

Fatima Hashim