Barnet Carers are the most caring and efficient organisation – keep up the good work and many thanks to you all.”

Adult Carer


I was surprised to see how many services you offer and pleased to hear how you could help me.”

– Adult Carer


“I enjoyed the trip.  We had lots of things to do and went exploring.  We saw lots of animals and bugs.  It’s like we were free as we could go anywhere.  I made friends with (K) and (C).”

– Young Carer, 10 years old, BYCAS Kite Flying outing


“I enjoyed all of it.  Very interactive, good use of pictures and questions, the children were fully engaged.”

– Teacher, St. Joseph’s School, BYCAS assembly


“Thank you – we are having a lovely time.  We couldn’t ask for a better holiday.”

Parent, Woodrow High House holiday


I am so grateful for this service, because it has allowed me some time to relax and enjoy some mental peace and quiet that is by coming to the art sessions, Reiki sessions and also being pampered having my nails done, trips away, etc.  One always feels welcome, by the amazing staff that are incredibly helpful, warm and caring.  Most definitely would recommend people to the services, I myself wish I knew about this service earlier, there is so much advice offered, plus you are with people that can empathise, you meet new people with perhaps a different perspective, new friends.  If you are struggling with issues staff are very helpful, they always try to see how they can help, the staff are just amazing, they sometimes just call to see if you are ok, constantly updating with activities/talks/trips by email, this service is vital to the community.  Personally I don’t think there is very much that can be done to improve the services , because it all boils down to money, but if they had the funds, it would be nice if we could go away for a weekend with our ill person/persons, with the relevant support, just a day or 2 .  A little break for them as well.

– Adult Carer


I found all staff to be most kind, friendly and helpful.”

– Adult Carer


“Sewing is something that I have really lacked confidence in during previous years (and this actually dates back to some negative experiences as a child with sewing in school!), however, since joining this group I am feeling very proud of what I have achieved.

I have also made some new friends in the group and it is a lovely atmosphere. Yemii is an amazing, talented and positive person and I have been very grateful to learn from her expertise.

Thank you for making this group happen.”

– Parent Carer, Stitch & Sew Group


“As you know my mother-in-law Mrs W has now gone into a care home.  I want to thank you and your colleagues at Barnet Carers trust for all of the help and advice that you gave me which gave me confidence in my role as a carer.

Before I came to you for advice I found myself with no one else to turn to and your office answered all of my questions and gave me advice and guidance on subjects such as financial aspects and dealing with dementia.

I think that your help enabled me to give Mrs W a fuller and happier life and for that, again, I thank you.”

– Adult Carer

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