New Year? Volunteer !

New Year, New Year’s Resolution. It’s the same story every year, isn’t it? Whether it’s hitting the gym, drinking less or stopping smoking, it can be difficult to commit to our resolutions, particularly when they only benefit ourselves.

That’s why this New Year’s Eve you should think about resolving to commit to giving your time through volunteering. When you’re doing something for the benefit of somebody else, it feels so much easier to motivate yourself to stick to doing it!

For instance, if losing weight is your goal for 2018, you could volunteer as a befriender and accompany somebody to the gym who would otherwise struggle to get there. Perhaps you’ve vowed to learn a new language? You could be a friend someone who speaks the language you’d love to learn, watching foreign language films and enjoying some cuisine together.

Lots of people make resolutions to achieve more with their careers and volunteering is a perfect way to improve your pre-existing skills or to learn new ones. Supporting a charity is a great way to learn ‘on-the-job’, take on responsibility for interesting projects and to take advantage of all the events and training on offer!

Maybe you just want to be more involved in your community this year and to give something back. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and to understand the issues facing them. You’ll learn more about the things going on in your local area and make brand new friends. Some people like to volunteer after they’ve retired, as they still have many wonderful talents to offer as well as their valuable time!
Volunteers at Barnet Carers Centre have told us they enjoy being part of our organisation for a number of reasons.

Some have been carers and want to give back to the charity that provided support to them, some enjoy the buzz of working in a busy office and others are building up their knowledge for a career in youth work, counselling, HR and teaching.

Whatever reason you might choose to volunteer in 2018, you can be sure that experience will be a rewarding one!
Interested in volunteering with BCC ? Why not email Gabrielle at to find out what opportunities are available for you?