1-2-1 Mentoring and Counselling

Every YACs on the project will be entitled to mentoring and counselling support.


 Mentoring is done on a 1:1 basis with the project coordinator. Sessions can be held at School/College or at the Centre in North Finchley. The Sessions last for 30minutes to an hour depending on what the YAC wants to talk about. Here, YACs have a space to talk about anything and ask for support in areas not mentioned in the project. The project coordinator will be able to tell about support available at the Centre and, in instances where the support is unavailable from the Centre, how they can be signposted. YACs use these sessions to talk about their caring role, relationships, school/college/university, their future, housing, etc…

 During the sessions, we will be using the Carers Outcomes Star to help monitor progress and create action plans to help bring about change. YACs are entitled to a minimum of 4 Mentoring sessions a year. After this, they are welcome to arrange sessions with the project coordinator on a as and when basis.


 For those who may need more in depth support, we offer 10 free counselling sessions. These sessions are only available for 10 YACs a year on a first come first served basis. In the event where needs are more complex, dates and times available at the Centre does not suit the Carer, or if there are more YAC that need this support than we can accommodate, we will arrange to put the YAC in touch with an external organisation and help them through the referral process, assessment and first counselling session.