Individual Support

Individual support is available for all Young Carers, regardless of the amount of care they provide.

Support is provided by our specialist Young Carers Team and can also involve the wider family as needed.

Our Young Carers Support Officers will provide a fully supportive service including:

  • A full assessment of both the Young Carer and the wider family either at home, at school, at the Carers Centre or any other venue where the young person feels comfortable discussing their situation.
  • Identification of the most suitable support activities.
  • Ongoing one-to-one support including regular reviews of any support services in place.
  • Access to special events and funding to provide a break from caring responsibilities, have fun and make new friends.

Our team will work with any other agency involved in the Young Carer’s or wider family situation to ensure every Young Carer has the best support possible.

Although being a carer can be fun, rewarding and enjoyable it can also be tiring, upsetting and hard work for a young person. There are approximately 1000 young carers in Barnet so you will be in good company with Barnet Carers Centre.

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