Barnet Carers Centre is keen to forge relationships with GP practices in order to highlight the services that Barnet Carers Centre offers unpaid Carers. Additionally we hope that we can support practices in the recognition of ‘hidden Carers’ including adult and young Carers and with Carer permission, make referrals to us as seamless as possible.

By recognising the needs of Carers at an early stage and offering them targeted support, we hope to prevent Carer breakdown. This can result from overwhelming physical and psychological stress and timely intervention can help the Carer cope with their caring situation, taking some of the strain away from GP practices.

Our aim is to send a volunteer to your practice a set agreed time on a weekly or fortnightly basis to promote registering as a Carer with us to receive our services.

Please encourage unpaid Carers on your patient list to make contact with us or, with their permission, refer the Carer yourselves. Link to referral form

Make a Referral to Barnet Carers Centre

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