Are you a Carer? Need some ‘me-time?’ Wanting a new way to express yourself?

Time for a new hobby? Like writing and language? Like reading or listening? Interested in meeting people like you? Do you need to be heard?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to some or all of these questions, then why not sign up for our ‘Creating Wellness with Writing’ group. Writing is such a great way to aid depression, anxiety and reduce stress. You’ll be able to explore and channel your thoughts and feelings, capture your dreams and share your experiences in a safe environment.  You will have a chance to read your work to the group, as well as listen and appreciate others’ work. So why not enrol now and get writing!

Read what others have said:

“Whatever I’m feeling, I always come away feeling lifted. Thank you for your patience, it is a pleasure to attend”

“I have found the Creative Writing Group very enjoyable and beneficial. We are a very friendly group and it’s about so much more that writing. I have found that it has boosted my confidence and enabled me to express myself through writing and sharing. It is very therapeutic too”

“…I was unsure what to expect: the last time I did any creative writing was when I was at school, but I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying the class.  It’s not just writing, it’s a very supportive and therapeutic class. Come along and find out…”