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I had massages, got my hair done, went to a movie with a friend, even got my teeth sorted which made me feel a lot better and then had enough for a spa visit which made feel like I can carry on, but also feel a bit more positive and hopeful for my daughter’s future. And though I still worry a lot about my grandson, I know now that there is help out there, whereas before…I felt so alone and so responsible – Carer using the short break scheme
I didn't even know a short break was possible...

Welcome to Barnet Carers Centre

Barnet Carers Centre was established in 1996 as part of the network of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers now merged with Crossroads Care and known as Carers Trust.

We are an independent charity based in North Finchley.

The Centre offers advice, information, emotional and practical support for all informal carers who live or work in the London Borough of Barnet.

What is a Carer?

Carers look after family members, partners or friends in need of help because they are ill, frail, have a disability or could not cope without them. The care they provide is unpaid and not a career choice.

If someone is paid to look after another person we use the description, ‘personal care assistant’ to avoid confusion.

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Global radio presenter Jason Donovan with some of Barnet’s young carers

Adult Carers- Barnet- Kendwood-house

Some of our adult carers during a day trip to Kenwood House

Why Support Carers?

Caring for someone can be one of the most fulfilling things we do in our life. With 6.5 million people in the UK caring unpaid for an ill, frail or disabled family member or friend, it is almost certain that this is something most of us will have to face in our life. However, the incredible responsibility shouldered by unpaid carers goes largely unacknowledged.

Even worse, they are being let down due to lack of support which can have a huge impact on their lives and their ability to effectively perform their caring role. Carers may need support looking after their own physical and mental health, managing their caring with work/studying responsibilities and resuming their lives once their caring duties are complete. This is where Barnet Carers Centre can help.

Benefits of Registering with Us as a Carer

The 2011 Census identified 32,320 adult carers and 4,000 young carers (under the age of 18) living in the borough of Barnet. At Barnet Carers Centre we are in contact with over 5,000 adult carers and 480 young carers.

Registering with us as a carer means you do not have to fulfil your caring duties alone. As an adult carer you will have access to advice, information, support, breaks, community and home based enablement services.

Registering with us as a Young Carer (under 18) through our Young Carers and Siblings (BYCAS) service gives you access to a range of support services – including outings, 3 clubs, counselling and group activities.

Contact us if you are an Adult Carer

Contact us if you are a Young Carer

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